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Double Window Sight Flow Indicator
Double Window type Sight Flow Indicator provides durable, quick reliable & economical way to verify the flow of liquids through industrial process lines. The round glass window area is large enough to provide better visibility. 

These are available in single window or double window constructions,


Investment Casted or fabricated body & cover plate & the use of the toughened soda lime glass windows combined with selected seals which fit correctly in to properly machined seats which results in unusually high pressure ratings for double window sight flow indicators. This can also be used on vacuum applications. The glasses can be individually removed & replaced in this design. It's smooth internal passage offers very little registrance to flow

These are available in plain models, rotator, flapper, drip tube types. Jacketed type also can be provided for heating & cooling applications.

Available sizes 15 MM to 200 MM in all types of flanged & threaded process connections. Toughened borosilicate or Plexi glasses can be supplied optionally. Max. op. Temp. 200°C


Glass Toughened Soda Lime
Body & cover plate WCB / M.S., CF 8 / S.S 304, CF 8M / S.S. 316
Lining (optional) PTFE / TFE / PFA coated for corrosive application
Gaskets PTFE (Standard) / Neoprene - Viton - Silicon (Optional)
Nuts & Bolts CS / ASTM A 194 & 193 / SS
Max. Op. Temp 200°C
Max. Op. Pressure 20 Kg/cm2
Process Connection Flanged as per A.S.A & B.S Standards or Screwed

Features :
* Light weighted investment casting body aliminates the need of heavy pipe support and also reduces stress corrosion.
* Blow hole free investment casting body. 
* Electo polish finish for better registance to sarface corrosion.

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