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RTDs & Thermocouples

RTD'S are high precision device used to measure temperatures in corrosive and non-corrosive media. They work on the principle of variation of resistance of a sensing element, usually made of Platinum, with corresponding change in temperature.

These RTD's are available in following types :

PT100, PT200, PT500, & PT1000 (AS PER DIN 43760 OR BS904 CLASS II) Pt50 (as per JIS) Simplex or Duplex.


A thermocouple is a sensor for measuring temperature. It consists of two dissimilar metals, joined together at one end which produce a small unique voltage at a given temperature. This voltage is measured and interpreted by a thermocouple thermometer.
These thermocouples are available in three types of hot junctions :

The Grounded Junction : Recommended for the measurement of static or flowing corrosive gas or liquid temperature and for high pressure application. The junctions are welded to the protective sheath giving faster response.

An Underground Junction : Used for measurement in corrosive application where it is desirable to have the thermocouple electronically isolated form and shielded by a seath. The junction is physically isolated from the sheath from MgO powder.

An Exposed Junction : It is used for the measurement of static or flowing non-corrosive gas temperature where fast response time is required. The junction extends beyond the protective seath to give accurate and fast response. The seath insulation is sealed where the junction extends to prevent penetration or moisture or gas which would cause.
Type Conductor Callibration Range˚C Sheath
K CROMEL/ALUMEL IS:2054, DIN 43710 0-1200 SS 446/ SS310 / SS316 / Inconel 600
T COPPER / CONSTANTANN IS:2056, DIN 43710 0-350 SS 340 / 316
J IRON / CONSTANTANN IS:2056, DIN 43710 0-750 SS 316
R Pt 13% Rh - Pt IS:2055, DIN 43710 0-1450 SILLIMINATE
S Pt 10% Rh - Pt IS:2055, DIN 43710 0-1450 SILLIMINATE
B Pt 30% Rh - Pt IS:6720, DIN IEC B8 800-1700 RECRYSTALLISED ALUMINA

Types of Assemblies available:

Terminal Block Type/ Whether Proof IP 65 Or Flame Proof head mount
Hand Held Type. 
Mineral Insulated Metal Sheath. 
Transition Joint Type. 
Quick Disconnect. 
Thermocouple with special outer sheaths like silicon Carbide, PTF, PVDF coated etc.


Fixed male threaded, addittion, Gland type, Nipple - Union, Nipple assembly or adjustable flanged types, Bayonet type and others.


Multibore ceramic tubing / Magesium Oxide (MgO filled) / M.I.

Ordering informations for Thermocouples and RTDs

Operating Range, RTD/Thermocouple's type & Class - [ K / J / T / E / B / R / S - Simplex or Duplex, ]
Specify Wire Gauge in case of Thermocouple, 
Type of RTD Element & Class 
Head Assembly Weatherproof / Ex. Proof, Seath Material - Length & O.D., 
Extension cable material - It's covering length, Process connection, Wire connection - 2 Wire / 3 Wire / 4 Wire


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