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Float and Board type
Level Gauge
It is an open scale target reading type level gauging device Suitable for all types of non-pressurised tanks like cone roof, flat roof, overhead storage tanks.

It works on the principle of buoyancy, consists of printed multi colored aluminum scales, which are mounted on the side of the tank With adjustable brackets. 


As the liquid rises in the tank, the large float fitted in the tank also goes up, in turn moving the pointer on the scale. The float is connected to the pointer with wire rope which glides over almost frictionless nylon rollers, thereby ensuring a trouble free operation.

Float & wetted parts Available in various MOC such as SS 304, SS316, Mild Steel, PP, etc. Magnetic vapor seal arrangement can be provided for hazardous fluids

This type of Level Gauges are suitable for:

- Over Ground / Overhead storage tanks
- Water, Fire water and DM water, petroleum storage tanks
- All non-hazardous and non-pressurised tank applications


Float Size 375 mm diameter x80 mm height. Argon welded self centered type.
Float & Wire rope materials SS 304 / SS 316 / PP
Pulleys 2 Nos specially designed for smooth rotation
Pulley Material Frictionless PVC / Nylon / SS 304 / SS 316
Pulley enclosure Caste Aluminium / SS 304.
Mounting Top of the tank
Connection Flanged to ASA, BS and DIN Standard or Screwed
Graduation in MM / Inch / Feet x Numeric red x Graduation Black
Scale Board Aluminium Powder Coated or SS 304. 100mm / 150mm x 1 meter long
Scale Board T Bracket Mild steel at every 1 scale length
Inner and outer telescopic pipe assembly MS powder coated / SS
Pointer C.S. Painted
Max. operating temperature 120°C for SS
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