Hydraulic Fittings

Application :
Hydraulic fittings are designed for use in Oil hydraulic, pneumatic systems, instrumentation systems in chemical plants, steel processing Industries, fertiliser, petrochemical and petroleum industries requiring high degree of precision and reliabililty. These fittings can be dismantled and reassembled for maintenance without loss of effectiveness of sealing.Fittings are available as standard for CD size metric tubing, Inch series fittings can also be manufactured.

Carbon steel fittings with Cadmium plating can be used in Corrosive application. For very aggressive applications use our Stainless steel fittings in A.|.S.l. 304 or A.l.S.l. 316, which are made in Single or double ferrule construction.



- Unique three piece design.

- Ferrule takes seat on pipe surface when tightened,    thus provides leak proof joint.

- Case hardened ferrule for hard case and soft  core for    spring action and repeated use.

- Light, Medium and Heavy pressure class.

- Special Manganese based Phoaphatieing treatment of    surfaces for corrosion resistance.

- Cadmium plated ferrule for self lubrication. while    assembly.

- Special execution for Galvanised & Cadmium and   Nickel plated finish.

- Metric and Inch series fittings.

- Strict quality check at each stage of    manufacture.

- Hydraulic test for compliance for each batch.

Technical data :

Tube Sizes:               - 6 mm OD to 42 mm OD
Pressure Ratings  - 100 Bar for Light Series.
                                   - From 100 to upto 250 Bar for                                       Medium Series.
                                   - From 500 to uptc 630 Bar for                                        Heavy Series.

Thread Sizes           - From 1/8" to 2" B.S.P. / B.S.P.T. /                                        N.P.T.
                                   - From M 8 X 1 TO M 48 X 2 in Metric                                       thread Series.
Thread Sealing       -  Tightening through packing collar.
                                   - Elastorheric Sealing.
                                   - O" Ring Sealing.
                                   - Tightening through Taper male                                       threads.

Assembly Precautions :

- Cut tubes at right angle without any Burr
- Deburr tubes at O.D. and l.D. before Sttéfhpting assembly.
- Lubricate Nut, Ferrule, Tube O.D. and body of fitting with oil.
- Slide ferrule over tube end and check it slides freely over the 2" - 3" of the tube length.
- Ensure to assemble ferrule correctly and net which shall not give leek tight joint.
- Tighten Nut with hand till there is slide time till it reaches step in body.
- Tighten Nut fully with spanner 3/4th turn. Ensure to hold tube from rotating.


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