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Denvar make All S. S. Weather Proof Industrial Pressure Gauges
These gauges are used in corrosive environment and application, in the industries like Chemical, Processing, Petroleum Refining, Petro-Chemicals, Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals & Bulk Drug, Food Processing and Offshore Application.
Dial Size 65mm, 80mm, 100mm and 150mm , 250 mm
Accuracy ±1% F.S.D. (± 0.5% Optional), ±2% for 65mm dial.
Range From -760MMHg (Vacuum)to up to +600 kg/cm2( All Std. Ranges)
Over range protection 30% or as per class I / II of IS 3624.
Dial Aluminium, Black graduation on white background.
Casing Pressed SS304 Case and Snap action Bayonet Bezel, weatherproof as per IP65.
Mounting Direct mounting bottom or backentry, Back entry panel mounting.
Connection 3/8”, 1/2" B.S.P. or N.P.T. , M 20 X 1.5 (M) and other
Bourdon & Socket Stainless Steel 316L
Movement Stainless Steel 304 
Fitments Zero Adjustment Pointer and Blowout Safety Disc
Joints Argon Arc welded. Heat treated stress relieved
Max. Temperature Limit 270°C Max.
Optional Fitments Toughened window glass,
Electrical Magnetic NO/NC snap action contacts,
Gauge Saver,Glycerine filling, Max. reading pointer etc.
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