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Denvar make Tyre Pressure Gauge

These gauges are most suitable in Automotive  tyre pressure measurements .

Size 50MM, 65MM & 100 MM.
Accuracy ± 2 % F.S.D  ( ±1% FSD Optional)
Range 0-60 PSI, 0-100 PSI, 0-150 PSI, 0-200 PSI & 0-230 PSI  
Over range protection 20% or as per class I / II of IS 3624
Dial Aluminum ,Colour marked 0- 100 PSI Yellow, 100 to 150 PSI Green, Above 150 PSI Red
Casing M S Pressed steel powder coated / Rubber graded
Connection Push & Pull type Air chuck
Types Stem Type  /  Hosepipe  type.
Window Plain Glass
Optional Fitments Scale marking in Kpa, Kg/cm2, Bar Etc. Customized Dial design & colour , Rubber braided hosepipe.
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